Yeah, I know ‘Talk Like a Pirate’ day is over: the cry of angst in the title is due to my having got busy and TOTALLY FORGOTTEN that I’m now posting twice–Wednesdays and Saturdays–rather than just once a week! And it being halfway through Saturday and all, I’m moved to a simple solution: a random prize draw. By simply commenting below, you’ll be entered to win. There’s no catch, no spam. The prize:

1. A signed print copy of my popular nonfiction book, ‘Aegean Dream,’ the tragi-comic account of our year on the actual ‘Mamma Mia!’ island of Skopelos

OR (you choose)

2. A print ARC (Advance Reader Copy) of my upcoming caper/thriller novel, ‘Sutherland’s Rules’ (ARCs are expected out before year’s end)

Simply leave a comment below to enter; winner will be asked to choose which prize they receive. Priority postage included. The draw closes Wednesday September 26 at 0800PST, and winners will be announced here.

And there will be a new post that same morning  🙂


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12 responses to “Arrgh!

  1. 9/26: The winner of the book contest chosen by the random number generator at is ORION. Congratulations, Orion! You’ll receive a print ARC of my novel, ‘SUTHERLAND’S RULES,’ as soon as it becomes available later this year.

    Thanks to everyone who signed up, and do please come back. Contests and random draws are fun, and I’ll be doing more of them in the months to come.

  2. Joanna Fay

    Ooo Arrr…..Tough choice, either would be awesome …and I’m glad Aegean Dream’s doing so well for you, Dario!! Oooooo Arrrr indeed… 🙂

  3. Okay, I’ll bite. It’s been a while since I’ve read a good caper.

    Hi, by the way. I found your blog through a mutual FB friend and have been lurking here for a couple of months now. Nice to meet you.

  4. Great memories of the Aegean so that’s tempting… uummmm….. but thriller/mystery writer and read so… oh dear what a choice. Do I have to choose?

  5. Me, me! I want that signed Aegean book! 😀

  6. As I already have a copy of the very enjoyable Aegesn Dreams, your caper book would be fantastic.

  7. Jon

    Eeeeeeeeek ARC of Dario book! Don’t let me win though, give it to someone more deserving.

  8. Byron Bailey

    Arrrrr, Skopelos be sounding like a great port for a pirate. I’m waiting for a scurvy pirate tale out o’ ye called _The Skull of Skopelos_. Wasn’t there a disturbing skull incident in your _Aegean Dream_? I’m sensing a pirate connection….

    Also, Talk Like a Pirate Day is never over until I run out of arrrrrs” and have nothing left in me but “arrghs.”

  9. Pirates don’t say “arrgh” anyway, Dario. They say “arr.” 🙂

    • It do depend on the circumstance. Pirates says Arrgh! when they do nick themselves with their dagger shaving, or gets a rope burn while keelhauling some scurvy dog!

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