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Heads Up!

I’m breaking radio silence, friends, for two important announcements here. It’s my week for promotion, and I’d be very grateful if y’all could give me a helping hand with the following by copying/circulating to any friends who like to read? Thanks so much!


My small press, Panverse Publishing is getting ready to run some big prize giveaways for the holiday if we can reach 500 FaceBook likes by December 15. All Panverse’s FaceBook and Web friends will be eligible.

Please help us reach our 500 likes quickly by sharing this with your reader friends and asking them to like Panverse publishing. Prizes will include signed print books, digital books, and (for the writer friend or family member) a critique by the editor. There will also be a secret surprise gift, which will remain, uh, secret.

Panverse is on track to publish six new titles in 2013. Whatever flavour of fiction you like, you won’t be bored. We have some really fantastic books coming in 2013, covering the gamut from Science Fiction, through Caper/Thriller, into Paranormal and Dark Ages Romance, and even one nonfiction title. What do these have in common? Story. Wonder. At Panverse, we’re readers first. We read the way YOU do, and publish books that keep you glued to the page.

Don’t use FaceBook? You can still navigate to our website at and drop us an email using the address on our ‘Contact’ page, with the simple subject line, ‘Prize Contest’

And as if that weren’t enough…

AEGEAN DREAM, my own UK bestselling nonfiction book from Panverse about a year on the actual ‘Mamma Mia!’ island of Skopelos, is FREE on Amazon Kindle for the next 48 hours–why not grab a copy for yourself or a friend?

AEGEAN DREAM is a true story of sun, sea, skulls, friendship, love, betrayal, corrupt institutions, striptease, tragedy, soap, Pierce Brosnan, and President GHW Bush… what’s not to like?

FREE for 48 hours at Kindle US and Kindle UK, as well as Kindle wordlwide.

Thta’s it, and thanks for reading! I may even have to write a post sometime…   😉

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