The Samsung Galaxy S4: A Brief Rant

The Samsung S4? I can’t begin to fathom why anyone would get so excited over a telephone.

I’m sorry, a device. I know it’s so much more than a phone, that it’ll work as a TV remote, respond to crazy air gestures, possibly even tell you your weight and fortune. But it’s a gadget, people, not the Second Coming.

So while 600,000 Americans are homeless; while the Middle East inches inexorably towards a meltdown that will affect us all; while the sequester that nobody wanted but the public couldn’t be bothered to wrap their heads around begins to squeeze jobs, lives, and institutions; while bankers who should be rotting in prison get fresh bonuses and are once again happily dealing in collateralized mortgage obligations (which everyone has mostly forgotten about despite the fact that they brought about the recent Great Recession, and no, there never were any real regulations passed because the legislators are all in the industry’s pockets anyway); while all this goes on, almost half a million Americans watched Samsung’s online product launch event.

Are we insane? Oh, yes.

We’re insane because we use phrases like “sports hero;” because we spend $4 on 500-calorie desserts disguised as coffee drinks; because we allow the food, banking, and so many other industries to largely police themselves; because we think nutrition is complicated and, besides, refined, prepackaged garbage tastes better; because we think a global population of 7-going-on-9 billion people is okay;  because we think celebrities matter; because we surrender our privacy and freedoms to politicians who keep beating the War on Terror drum; because we continue to reward aggressive alpha male behaviour and inflexible thinking at every opportunity; because we think the arrival of yet another ephemeral bit of electronic wizardry is an event of vast import.

Oh yes. We’re insane.


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12 responses to “The Samsung Galaxy S4: A Brief Rant

  1. Joanna Fay

    Dario, I’ve heard TV called the ‘weapon of mass distraction’….but in fact weapons of mass distraction are legion, and very very good at capturing the focus of the unwary (and sometimes the wary too)….

  2. Dario, you’re becoming a grumpy old man. I don’t own a smartphone myself, but many people do, and it’s very important to them. If you want to see how things have changed, look at the photo I put up today on my web site.

    It shows St. Peters Square in 2005 and 2013 when people were waiting for the new popes. Notice the difference? Everyone is holding up a smartphone. I wonder if they are waiting for the pontiff to bless their phones.

  3. sfmurphy1971


    That said, I’m pretty happy with the iPhone 4. Then again, it is the Devil I Know.

    On the Outer Marches

    • Thank you! Just tell me you weren’t one of the 400,000, Murph…

      • sfmurphy1971

        No, my iPhone works fine. I’m not in a hurry to replace or upgrade or whatever.

        I’m not an early adopter of tech these days. Haven’t been since my early twenties.

        On the Outer Marches

  4. Devon Lynn

    I love everything about this rant and completely agree with you!

    • Devon, good to see you here, and thanks–I knew you were on the side of the angels 😉 Pity about all the rest of ’em, though. LOL. Without my blog and chocolate, I’d surely lose it!

      • Devon Lynn

        LOL! I know the feeling!

      • Hee! I’ve been on a Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut jag lately. Our local supermarket has the 3.5oz bars at $1.50, which is pretty good. When I was a kid in London, it was always one of my favourites. I love high-cacao, high-end chocolate, but sometimes the better commercial offerings like this and Toblerone just hit the spot. More seriously, all the things I mentioned above really drive me insane. I’m just about to start work on a brand new novel, and I can’t help but feel that my protagonist will be with me too… LOL. We are so doomed.

  5. oh yes – right with you there. Australia’s not that much different.

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