Writing, Panverse, and an Early 2013 Wrap

It’s a sad fact that when things get crazy, one’s blog easily goes to seed for a while. Truthfully, I’ve only made it through this year by triage, and even then some things have fallen by the wayside.

Still, I got a lot done. I released my first novel, Sutherland’s Rules, in February. But when  a writer friend of mine, Herma, expressed her interest to go into business with me and help ramp up my micropress, Panverse Publishing, I decided to put my next novel, a supernatural thriller, on hold until later in the year. I knew Panverse was going to take a lot of work and since Herma was still working fulltime at her day job, we agreed I’d be doing the lion’s share of the work–but I know my limits, and knew I’d only get frustrated by trying to write a book with a business to launch and the responsibility of getting several other authors into print as well, not to mention learning the ropes of an industry that’s in a state of rapid and continuous flux. 

In March, my business partner Herma and I incorporated Panverse Publishing LLC. In the eight months since then, Panverse has released four novels and one nonfiction book. It’s been extremely hard work, but the enthusiasm and fine reviews from readers, added to the pleasure of helping new authors into print, has been its own reward. I did some things right, made several mistakes, and learned a huge amount about the publishing business. I also continue to participate in a local writing group, Thursday Ink. Writers need to hang out with other writers; it’s important, and helps to keep them from turning into ax-murderers.

And though I know it’s a bit premature to wrap the year and make public promises for the next, it is December, and feels like time. So…

Beyond publishing new titles (some of them sequels to this year’s novels) my main goal for Panverse next year is to widen our audience and get the word out that Panverse is a go-to publisher for entertaining, nonconformist, and memorable books. Not only that, but with the launch of a fully redesigned website in the new year, readers will be able to buy and download books directly from us, as well as from many other online retailers.

As for my personal goals, I have three, beginning now.

The first is to resume work on my new novel, with a view to a completed first draft by late Spring. The second is to start replacing my unreliable and vexatious PT day job with some freelance copyediting work (see new menu title above): everyone needs copyediting, and after having played midwife to eight books in the past four years, this is something of real value I can offer people. Finally, it’s my goal to start sorting and getting rid of many of the  belongings–and yes, that includes books–that clutter up my life. This has never been an easy thing for me, but I feel the time really has come. Watch this space!

Is that enough for immediate goals over the coming months? I think so. Oh, and yeah–I plan to blog more, too!

Now, how’s your year been? What are your goals for the next?

– Dario

ps- Books make terrific gifts, so please consider supporting your friendly indie press this holiday season!  We have novels in several genres, as well as anthologies and nonfiction titles. If you haven’t read any Panverse books, you might be interested in downloading the free Panverse Reader’s Sampler. This free ebook contains at least one full chapter–15 or so pages–from each of six Panverse Titles. Available in all digital formats, it’s the perfect, read-anywhere fiction sampler for your phone or eReader. And do please share the link with friends!


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7 responses to “Writing, Panverse, and an Early 2013 Wrap

  1. Lyn

    I left my goals by the wayside some time ago, however, I do try every now and again to catch up on blogs that I enjoy — like this one. 😉 I think 2014 will be a rocking one for your Dario. (Jo, it was also nice to see you here, and I am looking forward to that dedicated poetry space.) Cheers’n all the best, Lyn.

  2. Joanna Fay

    Excellent goals, Dario, and I have good reason to know you are a very fine copy editor, and know you will do very well as a freelance editor!
    All the best with your new novel and expanding Panverse.

    My No 1 writing goal for 2014 is to finish and publish the final novel in the ‘big fantasy quartet’, then get back to writing a few poems and short stories, which have been rather neglected…..and also write a sequel novel to the Quartet. Well, that’s the plan! (Adaptability also being a fine quality) 😉

    • Thanks for commenting, Jo, and for your very kind words–yes, you’ve been on the receiving end of some of my edits, haven’t you? Hahaha.

      I’m delighted to hear that you’re working on the final novel of your Siaris quartet. A sequel is a great idea–will it work as a standalone? As for your poetry, kudos: you must have quite a stack of awards by now!

      • Joanna Fay

        Fortunately for me! Thanks again, Dario 🙂

        Yes, a sequel that also works as a stand-alone is important!
        Re the poetry, I’ll be reading at an Award this Sunday with a shortlisted poem, fingers crossed. Only managed to write a few poems this year…like butterflies, they flutter in…or flutter past, if the attention is elsewhere. But 2014 will hopefully see a few more ‘catches’.

      • Do you post any of your poems on your blog, Jo? IF so, do post the address here, so people can go and read them 🙂

      • Joanna Fay

        Dario, thank you! Very kind of you.
        One of my early 2014 goals is to set up a poetry-specific blog, because I do have quite a lot, but they’re all over the place! So will collect them there, and also start a poetry competition from the blog.
        I’ll certainly send you a link as soon as it’s up and running, thanks! 🙂

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