Editing and Other Services

I offer full manuscript services for writers. With over twelve years of experience, I’ve edited and/or copyedited scores of novels, five anthologies, and various nonfiction works. I also have over two decades of writing and critiquing experience as well as five books of my own in print, one of which was a UK nonfiction bestseller in 2012.

Rates and full descriptions of services are listed below. I also offer professional print formatting services (see below).

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Free 2,500-word  sample edit on novels (see “Notes” at bottom).

Fiction: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Crime, Mystery, Suspense, Romance; some Literary.

Nonfiction: Inquire with details.

Typical edit turnaround time: 3-5 weeks for novels, depending on ms. length and current workload.


Editing is the process of annotating copy or textual information to flag and remedy errors, and any written material needs it. Whether you’ve written a novel, a newsletter, a report, or a restaurant menu, it almost certainly contains a number of typos, grammatical infelicities, misused words, inconsistent formatting, logical errors, and other nasties. You can’t see them but others will. Some of those others will care. Some of them won’t buy your product or book because of these errors.

It’s tempting to skip having one’s work professionally edited. And yet, whether you’re a business owner or an author looking to self-publish, the edit/copyedit is a vital step. Without it, you risk missing your mark; at worst, you can come off looking ignorant and incompetent.

Editing breaks down into several levels, (see below) although there can be a lot of overlap. Different editors will have different processes, especially with DE (developmental editing).


Developmental or Comprehensive Editing: a “deep dive” that addresses the entire manuscript and considers the macro and structural aspects of the work at chapter and scene level, as well as the separate issues of character, plot, pacing, dialogue, and more.

My developmental edit is an exhaustive pass that covers all aspects of the work from character to structure, pacing, dialogue, subplots, setting, worldbuilding, plot logic, information management, etc., and which identifies both the novel’s strengths as well as any weaknesses/issues which need addressing. In addition to my “macro” doc thoroughly covering these aspects of the work, I also provide annotations in the text, which effectively serve as a partial copyedit, giving you added benefit. Finally, a generous amount of follow-up time in the form of phonecalls, email, and reading rewritten sections is included with this service.

Copyediting: the pre-final pass through a ms. before proofreading, copyediting looks at the fine detail, including punctuation, consistency, capitalization, formatting, and anything missed at the line editing stage. The copyeditor is also responsible for fact-checking. (Click here for more on how a good copyeditor really has your back.)

Line Editing: a still more granular edit whose aim is to improve the flow, pacing, polish, and overall readability of the work. Line editing addresses, among much else, dialogue, style, grammar, tense, and syntax issues. The editor responsible for this stage will typically help with revising and rewording sentences and paragraphs that need improvement.

Proofreading: strictly limited to checking spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, verb tense, and consistency in formatting. Proofreading is usually the final step before a document goes to print.

In traditional publishing, each of the above is a separate process. But since the cost of these several editing passes can be prohibitive for an indie author, what most indies require is an experienced editor with multiple skills who is capable of giving them the best result in a single, detailed edit. This is what I refer to as the Single Edit Solution.

Single Edit Solution: full copyediting plus selective line editing, as well as some developmental guidance where needed. In the case of novels, I include a provision for post-edit checking of up to 2k words of rewritten material at no additional cost.


Many people offering author services don’t publish rates, arguing that competition should be based on quality, not price. I wholeheartedly agree with that, but I also believe in transparency and not wasting people’s time. My prices, which compare very favorably with industry standard rates, are as follows:

Critique (fiction only):

  • 0.9c/word to 40,000 words ($250 job minimum)
  • 0.7c/word over 40,000 words

Developmental/comprehensive editing: 4c/word

Line editing: 3c/word and up, depending on material

Copyediting: 2.0c/word and up, depending on material

Single Edit Solution (“SES”) – full copyediting plus selective line editing: 2.5c/word and up* ($500 job minimum, also see “Notes” below). This is the editing service many indie authors choose.

Proofreading: 2c/word and up depending on material ($100 job minimum)

Print formatting: $300 and up, depending on length and complexity

All published rates are in US dollars (USD)

Interested? Unsure which service you require? Contact me using the contact form or email me at: dariowriter (at-sign) gmail (dot) com to discuss your goals and needs directly. 


  • A simple, clear, and binding contract to be signed by both parties is issued for each project.
  • My standard terms are 50% of my fee directly upon commission/signing, and 50% full balance immediately prior to delivery of edited manuscript; fees and terms of contract are non-negotiable.
  • Payment via Zelle preferred; 3% surcharge if using PayPal.


As an experienced professional, I take your deadlines very seriously. Clear and honest communication, as well as full transparency is a priority for me, and I make a point of keeping my clients updated on project status, and being fully responsive to their needs and concerns.


*In the case of all edit/proofreading jobs over 10,000 words, I’ll need to see the entire ms. to determine the degree of work involved and quote a firm price. In the case of full novels (over 60k words), I provide you with a free edited sample of the first 2,500 words. If you like my work and the price is acceptable, terms are 50% on commission and full balance on completion.