“Most authors are probably familiar with the feeling of being stuck in the weeds. That was me while in the late stages of writing my fantasy novel. Although I had smoothed out most of the plot, character, and pacing issues on my own, there was still a pronounced gap between the novel I had and the novel I wanted to write. I contacted Dario in the summer of 2020, knowing  I needed more help than I could get from reading blog posts.

Contacting Dario was the best decision I could have made. He has a way of gently clearing away the trees and viewing the forest, pointing out flaws without condemning, and is aware of the power of positivity in the creative process. He has continued to make himself available as I walked the last few weary miles of book editing, and I couldn’t be happier with the finished result. His prices are extremely reasonable, also. Highly recommended!”

TatiAnna Tibbitts, author of Ink Adept (fantasy, 2021)


“Dario Ciriello is an absolute joy to work with! His mastery of story structure, keen eye for characterization, and attention to detail were invaluable throughout the editing process–from discussing plot and theme to cleaning up errors. His genuine enthusiasm for my manuscript and vision made what could’ve been a tedious line editing experience a true pleasure. As a writer, Dario understands the vulnerability and sensitivity of a first-time author. He didn’t pull any punches, but he delivered feedback in a way that made me eager to improve my book. Not only is my novel better after Dario’s careful attention, my writing is better. I would definitely work with him again, and I highly recommend him to other writers seeking a skilled editor.”

J.H. Schiller, author of Buttermilk Sky (urban fantasy, 2020)

“I’ll say it again: you’re the only person whom I’ve met since I started promoting the book who seems to be flexible enough, not attached to “rules” or “guidelines,” who uses his brain and his heart to read instead of a checklist, and therefore the only one I would trust when it comes to editing or giving a professional’s opinion on my book.”

– Nora McKinney, author of A Natural (erotic drama, 2019)

“I’m delighted at each opportunity to work with Dario Ciriello, who vastly improves my story and writing with every editing pass. He works with warmth and compassion to boot, supporting me as a writer and a person as we puzzle out thorny writing issues that would otherwise be demoralizing to tackle on my own. Dario has edited three of my novels so far, and I look forward to a long-term working relationship together.”

– William Hertling, author the Kill Chain and Avogadro Corp. series (tech/sf thrillers 2014-2018) and technology speaker

“I’ve been a friend and colleague of Dario Ciriello for almost fifteen years, and in that time I’ve learned to trust his judgement when it comes to writing. His critiques have always focused on helping me not just create compelling fiction, but to accomplish that while remaining true to my own vision of my work.

I started working with Dario as an editor when he published my first novel The Bone Flower Throne through his publishing house Panverse Publishing in 2013. His dedication to quality craft and helping me produce the strongest work I could made my decision to hire him as a freelance editor for my second novel a no-brainer. Dario is an integral member of my indie publishing team, and I wouldn’t dream of sending any novel to press without his input, be it editorial, copy editing, or proofreading. He’s a consummate professional, and a joy to work with.”

T.L. Morganfield, author (romance/historical fantasy) (2016)  http://tlmorganfield.com

“Dario Ciriello is a gentleman editor.
Much to my relief, he scoped my opening fifty pages with diplomacy, but more importantly, his comments zeroed-in on my weaknesses with pinpoint accuracy. His trained eye nailed everything necessary for me to progress to a tighter and more emotional rewrite. I survived inspired.

No wonder I found him an invaluable resource.

My tendencies to infodump art history were well-spotted. I am now more alert to this weakness of mine. Dario successfully culled my words for my offenses of too much and too little as well as too late and nowhere in sight. As a result, I quickly wrote new scenes to replace floaty exposition and transformed several infodumps into dialogue. My protagonist is, happily, now better represented to my target readership.

What impressed me greatly, was Dario’s way of highlighting things I did right while shining a concentrated light on the areas most in need of improvement. The balance of both was more helpful than overloading me with a list of errors.

I wanted an editor with a seasoned eye who could deliver the bitterest rules with an edge of sweet encouragement. Dario Ciriello was the best choice I could have made to show me pages under a sane microscope.

Quiet teachers are the best.”

– Veronica Knox, author (literary/historical fantasy) (2015)   http://veronicaknox.com